When using Github, the calcite application is installed either at the user or organization level. This means that you will have one provider per organization.


If your organization does not show in the Pick a provider section when creating a new project, you probably need to add a “New github provider” and select the new organization.

By default, pull requests comments are disabled.
To enable them, visit the Alerts section of your project, and add a tag.
We suggest using the tag pullrequest for this alert connector.

Github Actions

We recommand to use Github actions secrets to set the projet token required by the command line interface.
In your repository settings, go to the Secrets (<ORG or USER>/<REPO>/settings/secrets) page, and add a new secret variable named CALCITE_TOKEN.
Then, for each workflow step using the calcite CLI, set the CALCITE_TOKEN environment variable, like so:
# ....
  - name: Upload bench datasets to calcite
    run: npx calcite upload calcite.config.js
      CALCITE_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.CALCITE_TOKEN }}