Getting started

What do I need?

There are a few things you will need before using calcite:

  1. A git repository host (Azure Devops, Github, Gitlab)

  2. Performance tests that generates reports. While we use our own .json schema for uploads, we do provide converters for the usual benchmarking frameworks.

  3. A Continous Integration already setup. While the product can work by uploading manually, it will only shine when used with a CI environment.

Basic setup

  1. Navigate to calcite to create your account, or sign in if you already have one.

  2. Create a new project by linking it with your git provider.

  1. Your project should now be listed under the projects page.

  2. Run your performance tests to generate a report for your commit.

  3. Upload the performance report using the calcite upload command.

  4. As soon as you have multiple reports, performance tracking will be enabled.


Once data is fed to calcite, you will be able to compare performance between commits directly on the website.

This is the main way to compare performance. It will generate a both a synthetic and detailed report of the regressions that were confirmed.

Alerts and notifications

It is possible to connect calcite with various tools and platforms to trigger regression alerts and notifications. This is done by setting up alerts and triggering a workflow from your CI once all data was uploaded to calcite.