CI integrations

calcite provides different levels of integration for each CI provider (which can be different from your git project provider). You will need one since calcite does not build/run the performance tests itself. We however are thinking of providing benchmarking environment at a later point in time.

In the meantime, please have a look at the Stability and reproducibility chapter to understand how to best setup a benchmarking machine and testsuite.

We try to support all providers as best as we can within our capabilities, and do not have contracts or special arrangements with any CI provider. That is why we will soon open source our command line interface so that any provider can be supported easily.


Even if your CI provider is not listed, it is still possible to use calcite ! It simply means some information will not be detected automatically, but you can provide them through the CLI arguments.

The calcite upload CLI will try to detect the CI provider/tool you are using based on environment variables, which makes upload configuration easier.





Pull request


Azure Pipelines

Circle CI

Github Actions

Gitlab CI

~ (*)



* Can only detect merge requests with GitlabCI 11.6+ and only if only: [merge_requests] or rules syntax is used and the merge request is created. See CI_MERGE_REQUEST_ID here. We do not support Github pull requests yet.